It was several minutes before we were able to speak.“I need another shower…and it’s… all… your… fault.”I rose from the bed, bent over to pick her up, and carried her to the shower.We kissed and kissed as the hot water ran over our bodies.I dried her, then myself, and we went back to bed.I had to laugh when I saw it.It looked like a hurricane had passed through.We worked together to make it then we climbed in naked, savoring the touch of skin on skin. As we fell into a deep sleep, the TV droning on all night.


A month later not much had changed in terms of our sex life—we were still fucking like rabbits.I loved being with Andie; she was full of energy and life…and mischief.I found out just how much she could create one afternoon. I had risen early to play golf in my league.After finishing I joined my comrades in the snack bar for a burger and soda while we waited for the results of the day’s competition.I had just finished my fries when I heard my buddy, Tim, “Wow! Would you look at that?”I looked up to see Andie in the hallway, obviously looking for me.I turned my chair away from the table and waved.She came in when she saw me.Her outfit reminded me of Olivia Newton John in “Grease.”She wore a black tank top and skin-tight black Capri’s.Putting it mildly—she was FUCKING HOT!

“Hi, what’s up?Want a burger or a soda, or something?”

“Umm…no burger or soda, but I’ll take you up on the ‘or something.’”Andie moved forward to straddle my legs.She pushed her groin into mine as she grabbed my head, pulled it forward and laid a huge wet kiss onto my lips.She moved her firm breasts into my chest and her cunt into my cock—all in front of more than forty of my friends.I sat there helplessly until she stopped.

She moved back, a huge grin on her face, “That’s the best ‘or something’ I’ve had in years.”

“Thanks, but I hope you know I will never live this down.You’ve made me a marked man.”

“Don’t worry, Adam—they’re just jealous.”Andie kissed me on the forehead and rose.“Don’t be too long, Sweetie I’ve got a special ‘or something ’ planned for you this afternoon.”I cringed as that remark was met with hoots and howls throughout the snack bar.She walked out, turning at the doorway where she lifted her top and flashed her magnificent tits at the crowd.“Bye, baby--don’t be too long.”She blew me a kiss and left.

I sat there expecting to hear it from the boys, but instead I heard it from Tim, “Well, boy, what the hell are you doing here?Damn…if I were you I’d be out the door and running home.”I laughed and was about to explain, but realized it would do no good.Andie’s mischief would follow me for months, at least.I left with everyone else, ignoring their gibes about how I was getting lucky.It didn’t bother me—I knew I was lucky and that I’d been lucky almost every day over the past month.

We’d done a lot over the past thirty days.I had Andie order a copy of her birth certificate and hired a driving school to teach her to drive.I’d also sent her to a doctor for a checkup and birth control.I was also tested.Our health reports came back clean and we’d enjoyed making love unencumbered by concerns about health or pregnancy.Now I was looking forward to another afternoon of giving and receiving.Andie was waiting as I walked in.“Are you angry with me,” she asked.“I was sitting here missing you and getting horny.I needed you, so….”

“No, I’m not angry.You were right; every one of those guys wishes he was me.Hell, I was thrilled I was me, but right now I need a shower—I’m sweaty and smelly.

“Not a problem, let’s go,” Andie exclaimed as she ripped her blouse from her body and shrugged out of her Capri’s.I followed her, losing my shirt and shorts in the bedroom and scampering behind her as I tried to lose my boxers without falling on my face or my ass.Andie turned and laughed as I was trying to hop my way out of my sweaty socks.“Here,” she said grinning, “lean on me.”I did, kissing her neck as I finally threw the last sock down to the floor.I swept her into my arms, savoring the touch of her skin against mine. I released her when I got a whiff of my underarms.It had been a hot day and I was an active sweater.

I pulled her into the shower, shielding her from the water until it warmed.We plunged under the stream together as Andie’s hair ran over her face, dripping onto those glorious globes on her chest.I went for the soap, but she beat me to it, smirking as she began to wash my cock and balls before moving to the rest of my body.Believe me—having someone bathe you is a real luxury and when the bather looks like Andie it’s an extra bonus.

When she had finished she relinquished the soap and I took my turn.Washing her was almost as great an experience as being washed.I started with her back as I nuzzled her neck and cheek, nibbling her ear and washing it with my tongue.My soapy hand moved down to caress her tight butt, my finger running up and down her crack until I used the soap to lubricate my finger and slide it deep into her ass.Andie looked up at me in amazement.She turned suddenly to kiss me, burying her tongue deep into my mouth.I used this opportunity to soap her breasts and abdomen.

Andie broke the kiss, “Enough…please…I need you, Adam.”That was good enough for me.I shut down the shower and led my lover out.I dried her tenderly, caressing her body as though I were the slave and she the mistress.Once she was dry our roles reversed.She led me by my rock hard penis to bed.We kissed, expressing our need for each other when the phone rang.I let the answering machine handle it until I heard Tim’s voice.I picked up the phone, “Bad timing, buddy…how about if I call you back later?Sorry, but I’m occupied at the moment.Tim…Tim…you know a gentleman never discusses stuff like that. I’m going now…yes, I have something much more important right now, right Andie?”

 “Oh, yeah, Adam—I need you to fuck me.Bye, Tim.”I hung up the phone.When I turned back to her Andie continued, “Sometimes you are so funny.I loved the way you handled your friend.I’ll bet he’s jerking off right now.”

“Ha!No bet—Tim is divorced so he’s always jerking off…and up to a month ago so was I.Having you here with me has changed my life, and I hope it’s changed yours, too.”

“You already know the answer to that, but do you think we can stop talking for a while.I really need you in me.”She rose up, climbed onto my body and spun around, positioning her pussy at my mouth while she attacked my hard cock with hers.Andie licked up and down my shaft and all around the helmet before sucking my organ deep into her throat.I wrapped my moutharound her entire pussy and sucked hard.I knew from prior experience that she loved this and she reacted immediately so when I penetrated her tunnel with my tongue she came almost immediately, drenching my face with her ejaculate.I kept on sucking and licking her cunt, moving up to her clit.I sucked it between my teeth, licking and nibbling as I massaged her velvety breasts with my hands.Her sucking became erratic as she turned on and began to shudder.She raised her head and arched her back as she came again, her entire body experiencing several massive spasms before she collapsed onto me.

I spun her around and pulled her close to me.I rubbed her back and kissed her cheek as she came down from her high.I had learned that Andie was multi-orgasmic—her two orgasms would do nothing but get her hotter to fuck and we’d be doing that as soon as she recovered.It was almost ten minutes before she was lucid.“Fuck, Adam, you do give me the best orgasms.Now let’s take care of you.”

She threw her leg over my body, straddling my hips.She rubbed my hard cock into her slit as we shared lubricants—pre-cum from my cock intermingling with her copious pussy juice.A second later my cock disappeared into her. I knew she loved the girth of my thick cock; it stretched her pussy walls and gave her incredible sensations.Andie began rocking, rubbing her hot clit into me as she massaged my cock with her tight muscular cunt.I met her motions, driving deep into her.I knew I wouldn’t last long, not after all the foreplay we’d had.I felt my balls clench as a river of hot semen was forced up through my cock before exploding into Andie’s cunt.Five times I shot a thick rope of cum into her and just as I was finishing I could feel Andie’s pussy contract as her third orgasm took control of her body.We collapsed into each other totally spent—sweaty and covered in cum.Our bed was a mess, but we didn’t care.We lay there in the mess, too tired to even care.


We had been together four months.Andie had experienced more new things during this period than she had during her prior twenty-plus years.First, she learned to drive.Her family had an old beat up truck, but only her father was allowed to drive it.When she got her license I bought her a new Mustang convertible.She insisted we go out to dinner that night and, of course, she drove.I also took her to a beauty salon for the first time.Her hair was washed and styled; she had a manicure and pedicure.When she was done she told me she felt incredible…and so sexy.The best surprise came when her passport arrived by FedEx.“Why do I need this, Adam?” she asked.

“Well, basically because if you want to leave the country you need a passport.I’ll bet a thousand against a nickel you’ve never traveled…and your trip here from West Virginia doesn’t count.”

“Like you’ve said several times—no bet.We barely had enough to eat, let alone go anyplace.We did go to the County Fair one time, but grandpa took me behind the tents and fucked me…in my ass.He hurt me, Adam and he just laughed.Can you believe that?”

“Yeah, actually I can.Some people are just sick.They get off on hurting people—it’s how they get their jollies.When you’ve lived as long as I have you see a lot and some of it is just disgusting.”I put my arm around her and hugged her close to me.“Hopefully, you’ll see a lot of the good things from now on; you’ve obviously had more of your share of the bad up to now.”

I talked to her then about traveling—how much I enjoyed seeing different places and learning about different people.We talked for a while and went to bed.I had long ago dropped the idea of wearing any kind of pajamas to bed.They just got in the way and I loved the feeling of Andie’s skin against mine.The following morning I awoke lying on my back with Andie tucked under my left arm, her head resting on my shoulder.“Adam, would I be here with you if I weren’t your slave?”

“Andie,” I responded as I kissed her forehead, “first of all, you’re not my slave—you’ve never been my slave.If you were I’d chain and beat you every time you did something wrong.I’d never allow you to be free when I left the house.I’d chain and cuff and gag you.Have I ever done anything like that?”She shook her head, “No.”“I told you that you could leave when we first met and you can leave now if you want.”

She looked up at me, a tear in her eye, “Do you want me to leave, Adam?”

“Absolutely not!I don’t want you to go anywhere, but if you wanted to go I wouldn’t stop you.”

“Do you like me, Adam?I mean, I know you like fucking me, but do you like me—you know—as a person?”

“Now you’re going to laugh at me.”

“I promise I won’t laugh, Adam.”

“Well, I’m pretty sure you will because what I’m going to say will sound ridiculous.No, Andie I don’t like you, but I do love you.I’m in love with you.I love everything about you, and yes, I do love fucking you, but even if we never fucked I’d still love you.”Andie laughed.“See, I told you—I knew you were going to laugh.”

“Oh, Adam—I’m not laughing at you—I’m laughing at ME! I’ve been so nervous about this.I didn’t know how to tell you…”She hesitated for what seemed to be a minute before finishing, “that I love you.You’re the best thing that ever happened to me.You’re kind and sweet and loving and patient and….”

I stopped her there, “Stop…you’re going to give me a big head, you know that?You’ve given me the confidence to ask you something.”She raised up, leaning her head on her arm.I leaned up opposite her before reaching in for a chaste kiss on her cheek. ”Since you love me and I love you, how about we go shopping this morning?”

“Shopping?What does that have to do with being in love?”

“Well, that’s when a couple usually goes out and buys an engagement ring.Will you marry me?”

“Oh my God, I can’t believe it! You’d actually marry me?ME?Oh my god.I’m so lucky.”

“Actually, I think I’m the lucky one, but…is it a deal?”

Oh, yes!Yes!Yes! Yes!”She leaned forward and kissed me.It was anything but a chaste kiss.She was all over me, her tongue active in my mouth as her lips ground against mine.It seemed like ten minutes later when she finally broke the kiss.

“Let’s get up and go out for breakfast.Then we’ll buy your ring, and then we can talk some more about traveling.There’s something I’ve been thinking about and I’d like your opinion.”We got up and I literally floated into the bathroom.I couldn’t believe my luck—she actually loved me!We went to a local pancake house for their buffet.I loaded up on bacon and an omelet; Andie copied me and then went back for more.We sat in a booth, both of us on the same side of the table.We talked and joked as lovers have over the millennia.I heard a couple of old biddies in the booth behind us comment, but Iet it go.Nothing was going to ruin my day.In fact, I was going to give them something to really talk about.“Darling,” I began, “how’d you like to go off birth control?”Andie jumped for joy; the blue haired bitch behind me choked.It served her right for being so nosy. 

After breakfast we went to the town’s best jeweler.Andie asked me how much we could spend.I told her I was worth millions—price was no object.”Andie had small delicate hands with long slender fingers; she tried several rings of different sizes and settings before deciding on a simple solitaire of about 1.5 carats.The jeweler assured me that the stone was top quality and I believed him.I’d played golf with him several times and you can learn a lot about a person that way.I paid with my credit card and we left, Andie beaming at my side.

We went home and sat on the screened porch.“I’ve been thinking about taking a river cruise in Europe starting in Vienna and ending in Amsterdam.It would take us about three weeks.”

“What’s a river cruise, Adam?How do they get those great big ships on a river?”I couldn’t help but laugh, but I kissed her to make sure she knew I wasn’t being critical.

“Think of a small boutique hotel that goes places with you.We’d stay in a cabin—they’re usually small, but we won’t spend too much time there other than fucking and sleeping.We’ll eat in the restaurant and we’ll visit a lot of places we’ve never heard of, but they’re usually interesting and informative.We can buy lots of souvenirs and special clothes like fancy sweaters.I’ve been to Vienna—it’s beautiful and there’s lots of great pastries and good food.Plus they have very good wine and beer.”

“I’ve had beer but I’ve never had wine before.Is it good?”

“Some of it is excellent, and European beer is great.Maybe we’ll go to Brussels after the cruise; it’s a wonderful and very old city.Did you know Belgians invented French fries, and comics, and a ton of other good things.Their national food is mussels, ever have them?”She shook her head “No.”

“It sounds great, Adam.Can we make it our honeymoon?”

“That’s exactly what I was thinking.”I pulled her onto my lap and we held each other until I heard her stomach growl.I pushed her up and went to cook some hot dogs for lunch.


We wed in a small simple ceremony with a Justice of the Peace.Tim was my best man; the Justice’s wife served as Matron of Honor.The ceremony took only ten minutes but the result would last us for life.I saw my attorney the day before the wedding and changed my will.Two days later we flew first class to Vienna.I explained to Andie how Austrians spoke German and how Wiener Schnitzel had nothing to do with wieners.

We walked through the city with our guidebook, enjoyed some delicious pastries, Andie eating at least twice what I was able to consume, and even took their subway once we figured out how to use the automated ticket machine.We began every day the same way—fucking—and we ended it the same way.

After four days in Vienna we boarded our ship.Andie was surprised at how narrow and long the ship was.We found our cabin on the top deck.We had two twin beds and a small balcony just big enough for two chairs and a small table.Once I phoned the reception desk, those beds were moved together to form a King even though we could have gotten along great in a twin.We usually slept so closely we were like a single body.

We unpacked our clothes, cameras, and toiletries, struggling to find room for everything in the tiny cabin.I had also bought several bottles of Austrian and German wine.When we finished we went into the lounge to sit and take in the sights on the Danube.When the bar opened I bought Andie a beer.She had learned to love the local beers, and this was no exception.It was a Belgian beer; I explained that Belgium had more breweries than anyone else.There were somewhere around 650 breweries in that tiny country.I assured her we would try several when we visited there.

Andie had been wide-eyed her entire time in Europe.She marveled at how old some of the buildings were and the size and architecture of the cathedrals we had visited. One of the highlights of our visit to Vienna had been our visit to Schonbrunn Palace with its more than 1,400 rooms.“This one room probably cost more than my entire house,” she told me when we visited our first room on the tour.She could have said that about every single room we visited.It was a magnificent building loaded with history.We also had a great time on the train to Schonbrunn, meeting and talking to several Austrians who were thrilled to meet some real Americans and practice their English.Andie couldn’t believe how friendly the people were.She’d learn a lot more on this trip.
We met a number of our fellow travelers in the lounge and compared the nightmares of flying; they were surprised we had flown first class and were even more surprised when Andie told them we were on our honeymoon.“I’m glad our cabin isn’t near yours—we go to bed early,” a woman from Michigan said, kidding us.

“Yeah, we go to bed early, too,” Andie replied, causing everyone to laugh hysterically.However, when one of the women asked how we met Andie froze.“Go ahead,” I told her, “tell them the truth.”

Andie took my hand and began, “I come from a poor family—really, really poor.My father sold me to be a sex slave, that’s how bad it was.I was devastated.The man who bought me would rape me and beat me for no reason—it was horrible.Then he sold me--at a profit, of course--and things got worse.The new guy starved me and beat me, too trying to break me.But he suddenly needed money to get his motorcycle back from the repo company and Adam bought me.The first thing he did was tell me that I was free and could leave him at any time, but he pointed out that if I did I’d be in even worse shape than I was.He treated me with respect and caring and…most of all with love.I fell in love with him and he fell in love with me and here we are.”The people around us were speechless.

I leaned forward and kissed Andie’s cheek.I pulled her up, excused us, telling everyone we had some business to conduct, a remark that was met with some chuckles.I held Andie’s hand as we walked to our cabin.“Your story will be common knowledge around the ship by dinner,” I told her.“People like to talk so don’t be surprised if someone asks you about it.”

“Should I have lied, Adam?I don’t want to embarrass you.”

“No, darling, you should never lie.None of that was your doing or your fault so you have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. You should be proud that you survived all that abuse.There are plenty of women who wouldn’t.As for me—well, it takes a lot more than that to embarrass me.”I sat on the bed and pulled her to my lap.“I’m having a wonderful time.I hope you are, too.”

“Oh, Adam everything is so fascinating.I never dreamed….”I stopped her with a brief kiss.Well, I intended it to be brief; Andie had other ideas.She pressed her lips to mine before telling me, “Let’s get down to business, shall we?”What a marvelous idea!

I pulled down the blanket while Andie stripped out of her clothes.She was working on mine before I was even done with the bed.I was forced to sit down or fall—trip over my pants and boxers.Andie pulled my clothes off, throwing them into the pile with hers in a corner of the room.She pulled my shirt over my head and attacked my cock.It hadn’t taken long to harden—about three seconds!I was sixty years old and I was as horny as a teenager even though I was cumming several times a day.

I lay back savoring the feeling of my wife’s (oh God, I still wasn’t used to the idea of actually being married to beautiful sexy Andie) tongue and lips.She pushed her lips up against my pubic hair, swallowing my cock into her throat.She looked up at me and smiled—as much as one can smile with a mouth full of cock.I pulled her off my cock into another deep passionate kiss, tasting my dick on her tongue and lips.I rolled her over into missionary and drove my cock into her tunnel.

Andie had been off birth control for just over a month and we were trying—desperately—to get her pregnant; missionary gave her the best chance.She spent more time with her legs in the air than she did with them on the floor, or so it often seemed.I drove my cock into her as we kissed and kissed.Her velvet vise clutched my cock forcefully as it tried to milk me of my seed.Andie wrapped her long legs around my body, pulling me even deeper into her.We met with every thrust and when Andie squeezed my cock, flexing her cunt muscles around me, I gave up.My balls clenched, by cock swelled, and river after river of steamy white cum rocketed into Andie’s womb.I reached between us, found her hot clit, and rubbed her to her orgasm.I had learned that she never had a weak orgasm.Many times she had bucked me off of her as her body experienced one powerful muscle spasm after another.I fell on top of Andie kissing her madly.“I love you,” I told her, “more than I can ever tell you.”I leaned down again and kissed her.I tried to move off but she held me tight.“I’m never letting you go,” she said with a smile, “Thanks for drowning my pussy.You must have donated millions of sperm to the cause.It doesn’t seem fair—you give millions of sperm, I only give one tiny egg.”

“Sure, but soon my job will be done while yours will last for nine months, and then you’ll give birth.I just pray our baby looks like you.You’re beautiful; I’m just ordinary.”

“You may be many things, darling, but ordinary will never be one of them.”She kissed me again as I rose for a shower.The only negative about the ship so far was the tiny shower; there was no way the two of us could share.


We went to an important meeting before dinner.We took our life jackets with us.We went through the required emergency drill and then listened to a “port talk” in which our guides explained what we would see and do tomorrow.We had a port talk every evening just before dinner.Andie and I enjoyed a stein of beer tonight and every night during the cruise.

I knew that a mother-to-be shouldn’t drink, but we didn’t know that Andie was even pregnant.She didn’t drink much, a maximum of two drinks a day—one beer and one glass of wine.However, that would stop if she missed her period.We had agreed that nothing would harm our child.

We learned a lot on this trip.We saw a 900 year old abbey, numerous huge and beautiful cathedrals, learned what kings did with their second and third sons—sent them to be prince-bishops in the Church.We even saw Oscar Schindler’s house.We bought a load of souvenirs, including a beautiful cuckoo clock.We passed through dozens of locks, the first attracting the attention of all the passengers, but by the tenth few of us were interested.

Yes, we learned a lot.By the end of our trip we learned that Andie was pregnant.It still had to be confirmed but after peeing on four home pregnancy strips we were pretty sure.We were elated and when we shared the news with our fellow travelers they were, too.

We spent three days wandering through Amsterdam; I even took Andie on a tour of the red light district.She was amazed by the sight of the semi-naked women in the windows hawking their wares like fish mongers in olden days, except now they were hawking themselves.After Amsterdam we traveled by train to Brussels, spending four days there in a hotel just off the Grand Place, the central city square surrounded by more than a dozen guild halls dating back to the twelfth century.We treated ourselves to some Belgian chocolates, reputedly the best in the world.Then it was time to go home.

We went out for mussels our last night in Brussels.In Belgium you can get them dozens of ways—steamed, fried, with garlic and a host of other combinations, including baked with yummy cheese.That’s what we had—huge mussels on the half shell baked with cheese.Not only were they delicious, they were so rich it was almost impossible to finish the portion.OK, it was impossible for ME to finish;Andie, on the other hand, finished hers and the remainder of mine.How she ate all this food without gaining an ounce was a miracle.I enjoyed a magnificent Belgian beer; Andie had a Coke.

The following morning we took a cab to the airport and were on the way home.Tim picked us up in Myrtle Beach, the closest airport to our home.He asked us a lot of questions, but he skipped the big one.Finally, Andie couldn’t hold back, “We learned a lot on this trip, Tim, especially that I’m pregnant.Want to be a godfather?”I thought Tim would drive us into a ditch when he first heard, but he recovered beautifully, driving the rest of the way with a huge smile on his face.

We made an appointment with Andie’s gynecologist.Her deprived upbringing denied her many things and excellent medical care was one of them.She marveled at all the different kinds of doctors.Dr. Ferguson had been my wife’s doctor and I thought she was fantastic.She took Andie’s urine and ran the test five times—all positive.Then she took blood and tested that—we were pregnant.Andie had a special diet, which she hated, but she followed it to the letter.

I had experienced many surprises since I bought Andie and they were all wonderful, but I wasn’t prepared for the biggest of all.Andie had a sonogram at four months.Dear God—twins!
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